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Windshiel Farm produces lamb, mutton, beef, and pork all to a high standard of animal welfare and food quality.

Every pack of lamb, mutton or beef sold comes from an animal which has been born and reared on Windshiel Farm which is certified by SOPA. We have a Saddleback sow and her progeny which are reared outdoors on the farm. To fill gaps in supply, we source finished pigs from a rare breed pig breeder in Northumberland.

However since our meat is butchered locally by a butcher who is not certified by SOPA or any other organic body, we are unable to sell the meat with an Organic label. We would like to stress that we only sell lamb, mutton and beef from animals we have produced at Windshiel. The majority of our pork and bacon is also Windshiel born and reared except on occasion.

We currently sell meat at the Portobello market which takes place in Brighton Park, Portobello on the first Saturday of every month. For more info visit the Pedal web site.

You can also buy direct from the farm or we can deliver to UK addresses by courier. For more details contact us

Buy from British farmers and know more about where your food comes from.